Competition – Daisy Pictures

A single daisy

A single daisy

Okay, so throughout today until Midnight, GMT, please post in the FB event here your own pictures of daisies. You may have taken them before mowing the lawn, or when walking the dog. Maybe they’re accidental picture of daisies – by which I mean you were taking a picture of something on grass or surrounded by grass and there they are – daisies.

Only thing, it should be real daisies. Pictures of friends called Daisy are most welcome, but not eligible for the prize.

Talking of prizes, it’s a necklace – of daisies.

Daisy necklace

Daisy necklace

Judge’s decision is final and entirely subjective. Get snapping.



2 thoughts on “Competition – Daisy Pictures

  1. So impressed you’ve only one daisy in your garden, Anne. Ours was a sea of daisies until hubby got the lawnmower out last night!


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