A Competition – coffee time

Daisy’s Dilemma is set in a time period when almonds featured a lot in the drinks and foods available. Soft Italian biscuits are one of my favourite nibbles. Perfect for eating, dunking, turning into a pudding…

I think it’s nice to have a napkin, particularly when dunking is involved, and I’ve bought these ones as a prize.

Paper Napkins - horns

Paper Napkins – horns

All you have to do is leave a comment here or on the FB event here telling me what well used saying the picture reminds you of. This picture might give you another clue. It’s supplied by the lovely romantic farmer, Gill Stewart

Padraig relaxed on hill

At the end of the day, or tomorrow, I’ll pop all the right answers into a wee draw and ask the winner for a postal address.

Daisy’s Dilemma amazon UK http://goo.gl/iMFFVu US http://goo.gl/iMFFVu

MuseItUp https://goo.gl/ad0rhj

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