Special Price Bella’s Betrothal

My Edinburgh based nineteenth century romance, BELLA’S BETROTHAL, will be on a Great price deal between Tuesday 14th April and Saturday 28th

Dalkeith 1826 – Does the man in Bella’s room at the inn represent more of a danger to her bruised heart than the bogeyman out there he claims to rescue her from?
Dialogue rich, laced with humour and stirred through with a touch of thematic mystery, Bella’s Betrothal is a page clicking read on any e-reader.

http://goo.gl/P3lmzk Bella’s Betrothal by Anne Stenhouse amazon UK http://goo.gl/7mh8FI   and US
http://goo.gl/f0zFKa     MuseItUp book store
Novels Now blog http://wp.me/31Isq

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