A – Z Challenge J is for Jenufa

Jenufa means at this moment nothing to me except that it’s the title role of the next Scottish Opera I’m expecting to see. I can’t find a meaning for the name online, but it is from Czech composer Leos Janacek. The composition of the opera, 1890s – 1900s, suggests a name that might have fallen from favour.

Try this Four star review of Jenufa from the Guardian

Like many productions, Scottish Opera’s is in conjunction with another company. This time a  Danish company. I did encounter two of its members recently, but see there’s a wee bit of dispute about which company. Once I have my hands on a programme, I’ll make that clear over on my website;

write, watch and critique plays.

Opera is a mysterious art form to many and yet in countries like Russia huge auditoria sell out every night. Much of those audiences will be children, often quite young children, and they’ll be dressed tidily, generally well-behaved and generally without a mobile phone in hand.

Get them young.

I came rather late to opera, but I’ve joined the converted. It’s the tops and meeting the artists informally after an unwrapped performance, for example, is so uplifting. They’ll be on a crest and they take you with them.

Jenufa’s story isn’t a happy one, but I bet the production, performance and event will be memorable.

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4 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge J is for Jenufa

    • Hi Tasha, We’re all different. I love the intense drama of it all.
      Scottish Opera do provide over/side titles for foreign language work – and sometimes for work in English. Again, different Houses will have different practice. Anne


  1. I havent been to a Live Opera! Hope to see them sometime, in this life time 🙂
    Thanks for sharing an informative post 🙂


    • Hi Shilpa, I hope you get to see one at east. Maybe start with a comic one – lots of work for the chorus and action something like The Marriage of Figaro. Thank you for coming by, Anne


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