A – Z Challenge I is for Illya

The world divides and I was always, always in the Illya Kuryakin camp. The Man From U>N>C>L>E> was Napoleon Solo but we David McCallum fans knew where the real star quality was.

There is a meshing of character and actor that can take place and cause some actors a lot of distress. More than one soap actor has been confused in the public mind with the character they portray and in some unfortunate cases attacked in public when a story-line went sour.

I can’t imagine I would have attacked Illya, I mean David. My main problem where people I admire is concerned is that I’m often tongue-tied in their presence. All the funny, smart or even intelligible things I might have said take flight in the presence of these great ones.

Maybe it was the black polo-neck sweaters beloved of Illya.

This blog may return to better sense tomorrow, but in the meantime a little homage goes a long way. I love NCIS, too. Dr. Mallard is a genius character. They are all genius characters, but it’s the combination that brings the joy.

Edits for Daisy’s Dilemma underway and the cover art finalised. I know, you’d like to see it. If you’re good…

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14 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge I is for Illya

    • Morning Rhonda, it’s unbelievably beautiful in Edinburgh this morning (tourist board, please note), and so nice of you to drop in.

      Actors must find that difficult. I suppose on the one hand you’ve nailed the character, but on the other you’d think your Dad would know who you really are! I read some of the posts about Coté de Pablo’s departure yesterday. Wow! folks were not happy. Anne


  1. I was definitely an Illya fan too – and a huge fan of David McCallum, who I still like in NCIS! I wasn’t remotely interested in Napoleon Solo and only really took to Robert Vaughn in the more recent TV series, Hustle.


  2. Am I greedy? I liked Napoleon and Ilya and wavered between who I liked the most – much to my best friend’s annoyance as she wanted a definitive answer from me. Thanks for the trip back in time there.

    I watch NCIS New Orleans – love the southern drawl of the actors and David McCallum pops up there in his Dr Mallard guise occasionally.

    All best with the final touches to the book.


    • Hi Anne, Yes, I can see why the friend was annoyed. I’ve watched a couple of the New Orleans series, find it better than the other – was it San Francisco? – but yet to be won over. The book is at last making progress. Stiffness in shoulders testifies to that. Anne


  3. Visiting during the #Challenge. Love finding blogs with a great presentation, readable, uncluttered. Congrats. I am a NCIS junkie and love the entire ensemble. If you turn your TV off, come and visit me too. I’m an author with lots of interests. I’ll wait for you by the garden gate.


  4. I am way too young to remember Illya but Ducky and the whole NCIS cast are some of my favourites in this time of accessible TV. Hubby and I never miss the show and we have begun our own tribute at home with Gibbs, (dog) and Abby, (cat).


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