A-Z blog challenge A – is for ANNE

A – is for ANNE and may be Greek or Hebrew. Might mean gracious, or merciful or God favours me. Hmn!



Anne was a very popular choice of girl’s name when I was born as Her Majesty chose that name, and spelling, for her daughter. My own came from the lovely lady who carried me at my Baptism and was unable to have her own children. She took an enduring interest in me and was much missed when she died.

Sadly being first in the alphabet didn’t help bump me up the queue in school as surnames were used. I still haven’t forgiven the sewing teacher for landing me with red-check gingham.

Does your name begin with A?


6 thoughts on “A-Z blog challenge A – is for ANNE

  1. Anne, I share your name but spelt without the e. My mother chose it as not being a family name to avoid upsetting relatives. In my family research I have found many who had Ann as their first or second name and always spelt without the e!
    Names are important in stories and choosing ones that were popular for some reason, such as a royal link, can be especially useful in historical fiction.


    • Morning, Ann, Yes all that stuff in school about whether you had an e or not. Halcyon days when we had so much time to waste on inessentials. I entirely agree about the historical fiction links. I hope I have no characters called by an unsuitable historical name. Some are timeless, of course. It’s intriguing, for example, to see names like Noah come back into fashion. Anne


  2. And another Anne here. My parents told me they just liked the name. I was never the only Anne in the class at school and in any gathering of my contemporaries there will always be another Anne.
    My son is Allan – and my grandson is Arthur. Arthur, as a name, seems to be making a bit of a comeback. Like so many things, names definitely go through fashions. And, yes you wouldn’t want to have a heroine named Beyoncé in a historical novel! 🙂


    • Hi Anne, my badminton group can field a doubles match of Anne, Anne, Anne and Annie. This is more than a little confusing. Like you we are all of an age. No, I couldn’t use Beyoncé, but Mariah has come round again. thanks for dropping in, Anne


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