Giveaway Mariah’s Marriage from Story Teller Alley

London Girl

London Girl

Story Teller Alley knows avid readers love a free book.

Story Teller Alley is working hard to bring great books to your notice. From 26th March, Mariah’s Marriage will be featured on their home page.

AND on Saturday 28th March will be the Giveaway title in their prize draw.

All you need do is sign up once for their Newsletter here and you are included in all draws until you unsubscribe – why would you do that?


Comments on Mariah’s Marriage from Story Teller Alley

“I loved the intelligent, feisty heroine in this book. The story was full of tension and atmospheric of the time. A great villain.”

“I especially liked the feisty heroine of this novel . The plot offered plenty of twists, interesting and authentic characters , and vivid depiction of place. Highly recommended.”


Although I’m devoted to my Heroines (bright and articulate) and Heroes (handsome with a touch of arrogance), I enjoy the creation of a good and believable villain. The course of true love should be troubled until the last couple of pages, don’t you agree, and a strong antagonist is so helpful in achieving that.

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