George Square and, maybe, the Street where you live


The Menzieses' House No 20

The Menzieses’ House No 20

Bella’s Betrothal is set in George Square, Edinburgh. George Square is called after George Brown, the brother of the architect, and not after a Royal personage. It’s an historical romance so apologies to the contemporary occupants of No 20.

My friend has just alerted me to a google map produced by Edinburgh City Libraries.

It looks like a lot of fun although an awful lot of the blurbs contain young ladies found naked and dead. Bella’s Betrothal celebrates intelligent gifted women and is a lot more appropriate for an upbeat approach to International Woman’s Day, I think. Not that I believe the battle is won. Sadly, there’s a long way to go in winning hearts and minds.

Bella’s Betrothal

Back to that map. Bella’s Betrothal isn’t on it because at present the book is electronic medium only. You can buy, at a very reasonable price, from most reputable online stores. Here’s a few for starters:

amazon, amazon US omnilit Barnes & Noble Kobo



6 thoughts on “George Square and, maybe, the Street where you live

  1. That looks like fun! I’ve put both Bella and the map on my reading list. It occurs to me some of you out there might be able to help me refind a book set in Edinburgh I foolishly didn’t take the details of. It is Regency, Edinburgh-based and the heroine is the editor of a literary journal (like Christian Johnstone editor of Taits, but that is another quest…).Think it had a purple cover, so probably Mills and Boon historical. No bodies I think. Any ideas?


    • Rosemary, thanks for dropping by. Don’t recognise the book you’re describing, but I am going to an RNA event next Monday and will ask around. If you search the M&B archives, you might find it. if it’s on digital, and I believe some of their back lists are, then you might even be able to buy it. Anne


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