Round Robin Bucket List

Inlay Taj Mahal

Inlay Taj Mahal

I’ve now visited the Taj Mahal twice. The first time was over thirty years ago – how can this have happened? – and it was far more relaxed than the recent trip in early 2015. Notwithstanding the increase in security measures and the huge press of people, it is one of the most amazing structures of the modern world. So, it’s in my bucket.

Me in front of Taj Mahal

Me in front of Taj Mahal

 The earlier trip was made in the hope we would be starting a family soon and the holiday was to be our ‘big’ adventure before disappearing into the nappies and night-feeds. We chose India because I wanted to visit Sri Lanka. Yes, we did go there after and it was everything I’d hoped for. The niggling wish to travel so far south started when I watched a programme about a boy and his elephant as a child. I thought he was the most beautiful human I’d ever seen and when I discovered he was probably a Tamil and the Tamils still existed, then that was on the list.
Travel has always been a huge part of my life. I love discovering the reality of the pictures, hearing the voices, smelling the smells and sitting for hours waiting for trains lost in the fog.
You’re right. that last was a lie. I hate waiting for lost trains. It is however, part of the journey.
Just as waiting for the breakthrough is part of being a writer. So, what’s on my writing bucket-list?
Well, I really don’t want to be the next JK or EL, but I would like to sell a couple of thousand. Links are below and so is the list of fellow round robin authors who’re also sharing their heart’s desire. Follow me to Beverley Bateman and then maybe test out one or more of the others. We love to have you visit and really appreciate a wee postcard to say you’ve been. Tell us what’s on your own bucket list. All good wishes, Anne Mariah’s Marriage UK Mariah’s Marriage US Bella’s Betrothal UK Bella’s Betrothal US


18 thoughts on “Round Robin Bucket List

  1. Interesting how many of us have travel and/or health on our lists. Your comment about waiting fro trains reminded me of when I was in Greece, waiting for a train which never did come. Eventually they sent a bus to take us to the next station. And you’re right – it was all part of the journey.


    • It’s a wonderful site, Diane. I also rate the Red Fort in Agra very highly. It’s partly closed as it’s a functioning military base, but the historic part is full of some exquisite carving and truly beautiful spaces. Anne


  2. Husband says he’d like to travel internationally. I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t want to–I don’t even have a passport, though I’d like to do some camping in Canada. If we ever get to retire, I’ll be happy with camping around the US, since the part I like the most is the driving, since I love to drive. Next I like being camped near a lake, to relax. Sight-seeing and touristy stuff is pretty far down on my list of things I like to do. To each their own, right?


  3. Wow! What an interesting and adventurous trip. I love travelling too. I’ve still to visit Canada and Antarctica and I have a fondness for the Middle East. Glad to have found your blog, Anne.


  4. Hi Anne,
    Sorry I’m late with this. Daughter had to travel and I had the grandkids two nights. I’d forgotten how hectic school nights and dropping kids off is but that’s all good and done now.
    Glad you enjoyed the challenges of India and good luck with your writing plans. I did enjoy Bella’s Betrothal very much and meeting you in Scotland was so.o.o special.


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