That Dream Date

Harlequin Mills & Boon writers are describing their Dream Date here:

It’s the week leading up to Valentine’s and everybody in the romance world is well aware of it. If they aren’t overdosing on how to work the Fifty Shades thingy into any and every post, then there’s all the rest.

Red roses, lingerie, perfume – or perhaps we need to call it fragrance…

So what was my perfect date?

Curiously, it’s a question I find hard to answer. Less curiously, that’s no bad thing in my book. DH and I have been blessed by many a lovely evening.

One that came to mind recently, however, was created for our wedding anniversary by our daughter and her friend. Aged twelve or thirteen, they set up a dinner date at home. They cooked using ingredients bought by the ‘other’ mum and for which I have the Sainsbury’s bill. They poured us G&Ts which neither of us has ever favoured, but hey, they saw it on tv. They washed up.

In the midst of the ‘children’ years, it was sublime.

So, what was your dream date? What is your dream date? There might be a dislocation.


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