Name that Character: Be immortalised in e-print

Iconic landmarks are something Edinburgh does in quantity. Among them, however, is one special church: the Church of St John the Evangelist situated at the west most corner of Princes street on the edge of the gardens.
Like all iconic buildings, it must adapt and upgrade to maintain its place and meet the requirements of a modern world. Plans are underway for a major upgrading and details can be read on the church’s website. Here’s the fundraising page of the website:
6.00pm – Auction of Things Money Can’t Buy
Ever wanted to take a trip in a vintage Bentley or have your family tree researched for you? Then come along to the auction of ’Things That Money Can’t Buy’ at St John’s Church Hall on Thursday 29th of January 2015 from 6pm , all proceeds and donations in aid of the Development Project. Refreshments and entertainment on a ‘Burns Night’ theme from 6pm.
Now maybe you aren’t too keen on abseiling down any towers? Or eating too many chocolate cakes? Really? So here’s what I’m offering to help the cause. The chance to become a character in one of my books.
Daisy’s Dilemma is scheduled for e-publication by MuseItUp during the spring of 2015. I’m offering the chance to have two characters named after successful bidders or their nominees. For the gentlemen, one character will be the coachman who drives the Edinburgh relatives to London. And for the ladies, the neighbour of Daisy’s aunt, Lady Beatrice, who lives in Queen Street, 1822.
Pop along to the live auction at St John’s Church Hall, Princes Street, Edinburgh or leave your telephone bid in advance with the church’s fundraiser, Charlotte Bray, on
0131- 221 2271

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