Upcoming events and news



My lovely publishers, MuseItUp have contracted Daisy’s Dilemma to appear later this spring.

Exciting in itself, but I’ve teamed up with Edinburgh fundraiser, Charlotte Bray to create something even more exciting.

Daisy’s dilemma is a continuation or spin-off from my debut historical novel, Mariah’s Marriage and picks up the story of sparky, restless Lady Daisy Mellon. It’s almost complete, but with edits still to come, there was scope to accommodate Charlotte’s exciting offer.

It might make a one-off pressie for the person who has everything.

It does make an interesting idea for pressies in those awkward Jan/Feb months when Christmas is so recently past.

It might be just what you’re looking for.

Come back next week and find out what.

http://goo.gl/4LWt1H Mariah’s Marriage UK

http://goo.gl/JjY907 Mariah’s Marriage US

http://goo.gl/P3lmzk Bella’s Betrothal UK

http://goo.gl/7mh8FI Bella’s Betrothal US


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