2015 and what was 2014?








This lovely shrub is among many I saw when I visited Australia in 2011. In the last few years I’ve enjoyed a lot of International and national travel and encountered some amazingly beautiful scenery.

Some scenery is naturally occurring, but some is man-made.




Australia’s Blue Mountains





Landmark creation

Landmark creation








Stories, too, come just as your mum told you or crafted and polished. 2014 offered many stories from experience for me to store away and use as time ripens them. There were births and deaths: acts of kindness and of malevolence: a Scottish referendum: illnesses and recoveries: journeys and home-comings.

Travel broadens the mind and this year, I’ll be off again. some of it will be returning to places already visited and some of it will be new experience. Hope to bring you photos and anecdotes in due course. In the meantime, I have a new e-book coming from MuseItUp, Daisy’s Dilemma and Mariah’s Marriage may be with us in the Linford Romance series.

Hope you’ll be along for the ride and thank you, dear readers, for your wonderful support in 2014. i really loved reading your comments and visiting your own blogs. Anne




http://goo.gl/4LWt1H Mariah’s Marriage UK

http://goo.gl/JjY907 Mariah’s Marriage US

http://goo.gl/P3lmzk Bella’s Betrothal UK

http://goo.gl/7mh8FI Bella’s Betrothal US


4 thoughts on “2015 and what was 2014?

  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, Anne. I’m sure 2015 will be an exciting year for you – especially with two of your books hopefully going into print and a new one on the way. And, yes, travel is great experience, so enjoy it all!


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