Christmas Presents: Curiosity killed the cat

Christmas presents are much on my mind at present as I try to source my DH’s heart’s desire, remember which books I bought for the family last year and sort out who likes what sweets/chocolate/Italian biccies…

I keep remembering a small incident from childhood and I thought I’d share it. It’s that time of year and I’m, you know, generous to a fault. 100_4512

Our church was a bus ride away. We had no car. One year some of the household went off to the Midnight service and my brothers didn’t. This was why all the parcels lovingly wrapped and placed under the tree had been opened and carefully re-wrapped by the time we returned. As all the sellotape had already been used, the paper was stuck together with flour and water paste.

Some of you will know flour and water paste has a noble history. In parts of Scotland it was used to hang wall-paper. So while curiosity may have killed one or two cats, satisfaction, and a little flour and water, brought them back.

Any similar smiles from your Christmas past?


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