Fascinating I am – Author Christine Richards

A couple of posts ago, I shared five fascinating facts about me, you might not have known. Today, I’ve invited fellow Edinburgh based writer, Christine Richards, to spill the beans. Christine has had a long and varied career including many distinguished years as an Edinburgh councillor and recently a spell as a member of the Edinburgh Festival council. Her debut novel, Whitewalls, is shortly to be joined by Autumn At Whitewalls.





   Fascinating Fact One I love horse racing-especially with Frankie Dettori. I used to own a racehorse called Trebonkers.
                                                                                         Fascinating Fact Two Falconry    – my favourite bird has always been a Great Grey Owl called Najavo who is an excellent communicator and always recognises me with owl squeaks. (Picture by John Coon)
Fascinating Fact Three   Coal mining. In the early nineties I helped to reopen Monktonhall Colliery in Midlothian together with a group of miners and enjoyed going underground with them wearing, of course, appropriate overalls and miner’s hat.
                                                                                                    Fascinating Fact Four I’m a big fan of Dame Edna Everage (Barry Humphries). Last year I bought and sent to him/her a cougar fur covered hot water bottle because at an event I attended to meet him he/she told me how cold he had been the previous night at his 4 star hotel in Edinburgh. He sent a lovely thank you saying he would take the bottle everywhere
with him and think of me ……………………
Fascinating Fact Five     I do life drawing and have exhibited my efforts at the Scottish Arts Club and WASPS studios in Edinburgh.
Goodness what a varied set of Fascinating facts, Christine. Plenty of life material there to draw from.
Christine’s Whitewalls, published by New Generation, is available from amazon, here:

9 thoughts on “Fascinating I am – Author Christine Richards

    • Thank you for your kind comment! There wasn’t space to mentionmy cooking on national television with the charming Gino de Campo orthatIama member of The Oyster Club of Edinburgh. Best wishes Christine(Christine Richard OBE FRSA)


  1. These are truly fascinating facts, Anne and Christine. I am always full of admiration for the hard work, the courage and resilience of coal miners. It is a very difficult and dangerous occupation. Is the mine still open today? And what a massive owl! It’s just beautiful!


    • Thanks for your kind comment Rosemary. There is, as youknow, a lot more not in the public domain, eg addressing 8000 people on Glasgow Green after a march through the city! ‘Autumn at Whitewalls istwo thirds of the waythrough abnd I am about to send a character off to the John Wilson Theological college in Mumbai so he can’t do any more seduction!


  2. An interesting life indeed, Christine. There’s no way 5 interesting facts are nearly enough for you. Some I don’t envy you, but cooking on television could be fun, and I would love to be able to draw and paint.


    • Joan thank you so much for your comment!I I do hope you are feeling better-these bugs are very debilitating.You will have to recover for the Group lunch in Edinburgh. I still remember with grrea affection our stay along with Jenny at CC. Maybe we can do it again? Love Christine


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