Muse Banner Mariah's Marriage

Muse Banner Mariah’s Marriage


Okay, lovely readers, here’s the deal: Those that have read either of my books, Mariah’s Marriage and/or Bella’s Betrothal, please leave a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, send me the link to your new review post, and I’ll send you a copy of my other ebook for FREE.

Bella's Betrothal

Bella’s Betrothal

If you’ve read both books and left new reviews, then pick any ebook from MuseitUp Publishing and the publisher will send it to you for FREE!

Winners all round.

http://goo.gl/pASdjp Mariah’s Marriage amazon US
http://goo.gl/NxYxj5 Mariah’s Marriage UK
http://goo.gl/PKptQg Bella’s Betrothal US
http://goo.gl/5RBzIm Bella’s Betrothal UK

http://goo.gl/cW71Lv Mariah’s Marriage Barnes and Noble

http://goo.gl/HQjANo Bella’s Betrothal Barnes and Noble


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