Historical Opportunity from Mills and Boon

cropped-early-2012-044.jpgAn historical opportunity from romance publishers, Mills and Boon, hit the airwaves yesterday.

Over the next month Mills and Boon are seeking submissions of a First chapter and Pitch for your historical novel. Details are here.

First up is the Regency/Victorian window opening next Monday, 16th June. That’s followed by Tudor/Medieval and finally Warrior.

So tidy up that enticing man – a new cravat, polished hessians and burnished top hat might make the difference. Hone his foibles, introduce his lady and press send.

Good luck.

http://goo.gl/pASdjp Mariah’s Marriage amazon US
http://goo.gl/NxYxj5 Mariah’s Marriage UK
http://goo.gl/PKptQg Bella’s Betrothal US
http://goo.gl/5RBzIm Bella’s Betrothal UK





4 thoughts on “Historical Opportunity from Mills and Boon

    • Hi Ros, I know what you mean, but there will be reason behind it. Maybe they assess trends from how the readers vote. Thanks for sharing the link. It looks like a good quick way to an ed, if a person has something ready – ish. Anne


  1. Thank you for highlighting this opportunity, Anne. It’s a shame I don’t have anything ready to submit!! A couple of years ago there was a similar competition for Mills and Boon, which I entered for the first chapter of The Lion’s Embrace. Nothing came out of it, but it was very beneficial in that it did oblige me to refine my first chapter. In the end, the novel got published by MuseitUp!


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