And next?

A little R & R?

A little R & R?

Like most writers, I find the finishing of one project allows the immediate flowering of another into the vacated brain space, so Rest & Recreation might be shortish. Can’t say I’d sleep very comfortably in that sea-shell, but each to their own.

I’m currently working out what to work on. there are two attractive possibilities.

A draft novel that was critiqued by the Romantic Novelists’ Association through the New Members’ Scheme. Even as few as two published novels down the road, I see glaring errors, although I comfort myself with the Reader’s kind words about the quality of its Voice and the standard of the writing. These ladies are anonymous, but not unsung. Those of us who have achieved publication after benefiting from their work are usually pleased to acknowledge it.

A competition for a short story being run by the Historic Houses’ Association. Details here, folks:

I love old Houses, castles, keeps and in general, OLD STUFF.

With my butterfly brain, I’ll probably try both. Mariah’s Marriage amazon US Mariah’s Marriage UK Bella’s Betrothal US Bella’s Betrothal UK


4 thoughts on “And next?

  1. I find the time between novels absolutely magical. It’s a time when everything is possible, when characters, settings, story lines and dreams just float around. Enjoy it!


  2. Love the cherub photo. My problem is I have too many projects jostling for attention – in different types of writing and genres! Trying to be more organised in every way. I saw that comp the other day and have bookmarked it in case of inspiration. Good luck with revising that novel, Anne.


    • Thanks, Rosemary. I thought the cherub would come in handy. One positive about having lots on the go, is that you can always set a draft aside and go back later when the way out of a painted in corner will be clear. A bit like the crossword in fact. Have a good week, Anne


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