When Daisy Meets Mariah

London Girl

London Girl

Just a wee extract to remind us how very difficult some characters can be…

“Miss Mellon…”

“Actually it’s Lady Daisy, being the daughter of an earl, but as I’m certain we’re going to be excellent friends, I insist you call me Daisy.” The girl rushed the words out and Mariah was not surprised when her mama intervened.

“Katerina Grizelda Anne Di Torres are the baptismal names available to my daughter, Miss Fox, but she chooses to be known by a name that she overheard in the pantry.” The countess uttered the words in sharp staccato and Mariah had no trouble understanding that she attracted all the respect she required be paid to her as countess.

Daisy smiled and Mariah did, too, despite the heat this argument clearly roused between her visitors. It was understandable that the older woman deplored her daughter’s choice, but on the other hand, she had the demeanour and vivacity Mariah could more easily associate with Daisy than Katerina Grizelda Anne Di Torres.

“It is not obvious at our births, I believe, what the dominant traits of our personality will be,” she said diplomatically. “Perhaps Lady Daisy feels the weight of history and expectation carried by her formal names to be too much for such delicate shoulders.”

“Daisy, please,” the younger woman said. “But it is acknowledged by even the sour-faced tabbies at Almack’s that I have very delicate shoulders.”

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3 thoughts on “When Daisy Meets Mariah

  1. I absolutely love the excerpt and I love Katarina Grizelda Anne di Torres! Where did you find that great name? I am currently on the hunt for a prim and proper name starting with P for an English heroin. It’s really fun searching but I hope I’ll find the perfect name soon. Good luck with Daisy!


    • Hi Marie, it’s a cobbling together: Katerina sounded Spanish, Grizelda is Scots and the first name of one of our younger generation friends (I’m not going to say), Anne is my name and sooo much used down the generations and across Europe. Di Torres – again sounded Spanish. Prim and proper starting with P : Prudence comes to mind. Anne


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