Georgian House Edinburgh

Bella’s Betrothal is featured today on Elaine Violette’s lovely Regency blog. Here:

This morning I went on another visit to the Georgian House owned and managed by the National Trust for Scotland. It sits on the north side of Charlotte Square and there are fantastic views of the north of the city to the Forth from its back windows.

Today and tomorrow the Georgian House actors dressed in costume of 1811 and acted as they would have behaved in the Parlour, Drawing Room, Dining Room, Mrs Lamont’s bedroom and the Kitchen.

There was a good script and, in the drawing room, a group of dancers being taught the Polonaise. We, the guests, also had a chance.

I really enjoyed this and as my books feature a slightly post Regency period, it was so good to see the house dressed for Christmas of the time.

It’s available tomorrow, 24th. Free to members and £6.50 to non-members. 11am – 3pm, if memory serves!


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