Publication Day Wedding Cake

Elspeth's cake

Bella’s Betrothal is set in Edinburgh of 1826 so I’m not exactly sure whether the company would have enjoyed the kind of meal now expected. In her wonderful book about walking Jane Austen’s London, historical novelist Louise Allen shows a print of the Wren spire of St Bride’s church. She quotes the legend that its elaborate tiers inspired Georgian pastry cook, Mr. Rich, to create the tiered wedding cakes we are familiar with.
There were not yet photographs so the traditional album picture of the bride and groom cutting a wonderful three-tier confection wasn’t an issue. However, I like fruit cake and when I asked my friend to send me a picture of one of the fabulous cakes she makes for brides in 2013, she readily obliged and you see it at the head of this post.
Make yourself a cup of coffee and just savour the delight.

I’m sorry it’s virtual cake, but at least that’s calorie free.

If you need a cake, or tablet, or one of many other confectionery items look in on Elspeth’s website here:

or on Facebook here:

Did you have a wedding cake? I made my own but had it professionally iced.

Leave a comment to be considered for a free copy of Bella’s Betrothal.


10 thoughts on “Publication Day Wedding Cake

  1. I love wedding cake too, especially the almond layer. I made a three teir one for my daughter but had it iced by a local lady, then ended up baking a plain sponge and icing it myself because neither the groom nor my son liked fruit cake. Men and what we do to please them! Save me a large slice please, Anne and I wish you a large slice of good luck and loads of sales.


    • Hi Gwen, yep! I like the almond layer. It is also the case that in this house, fruit cakes are occasionally denuded of their almond layer by Mr Nobody. Thanks for your good wishes and for dropping in, Anne


  2. Congrats again, Anne. Very exciting day. So when you say “fruit cake,” do you mean like we have in the states during the Christmas season? I love the almond filling you mention. Personally, I’m more of a moist, whilte cake with butter cream frosting, not the fondant, we see so much any more. The filling can be the almond you mentioned, or raspberry or strawberry. No chocolate or something unusual. I love weddings and the wedding cake has got to be the best. đŸ™‚ I’ll be spreading the news, Anne. Enjoy the day.


    • Hi Marsha, thanks for dropping by and coming again. I suppose I do. Fruit cake for tiered wedding cakes is generally made from lots of currants, raisins, sultanas and mixed citrus peel with a few chopped nuts. The almond paste is made from egg yolks and ground almonds generally called marzipan. It’s usually layered on the top and sides and icing, Royal icing, covers it. Lots of the young are now going for mixed layers to account for people who dislike fruit cake and you get softer top tiers. There’s also a trend for cup cakes. But it is such a great centre-piece whatever the bride chooses.
      Thanks so much for your good wishes. All these lovely visitors have helped to make it a great day.Anne


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