Publication Day Bella’s Betrothal The Dress

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Queen Victoria and her daughters are credited with the adoption of white for wedding dresses. Bella Wormsley marries before Victoria, but I did allow her a lovely white gown. It was, in the story, created as the central triumph of her winter wardrobe and decorated with Scottish freshwater pearls. I’ve been to several weddings in recent years and the girls have all looked lovely.
My mum wore a beautiful pink suit. I wore champagne coloured silk organza. Several friends have opted for colour rather than white.
When I was visiting the south of England, I came across a museum to the actress, Ellen Terry, Smallhythe Place. They had this dress displayed there:

Copy Lady Macbeth costume

Copy Lady Macbeth costume

It was made by a student and she used false finger-nails to create the effect of the falling ovals. The picture at the head of the post is of the original costume. It used beetles’ wings.

What did you wear to marry in? A bikini? A suit? A uniform?

Remember you might win a copy of Bella’s Betrothal.


16 thoughts on “Publication Day Bella’s Betrothal The Dress

  1. I was married in the traditional white gown, a sheath style with a detachable trail! I picked a picture that I loved, and had a very talented seamstress add some unique details just for me!!! The only one of its kind, to marry a one of a kind man!


    • Hi, that sounds like the most romantic gown. We recently had a day of Wedding Belles in the church I attend. Over 50 ladies brought out their gowns and they were modelled down the aisle again. A tear in the corner of many eyes.They are so important to us. Anne


  2. I had a deep purple, silk under dress. Over that was cream lace in a rose pattern, with huge tudor sleeves a little like those in the top photo. (There are good reasons for all that – and the fact that I had a ship’s horn to begin my walk down the aisle)


  3. I wore the traditional fancy, long white wedding dress with veil. It was lovely and I felt like a fairy princess. That was almost 47 years ago and I still remember it almost like yesterday!

    I would so love to win a copy of Bella’s Betrothal and review it on our blog, bookworm2bookworm.

    Congratulations on your release!


    • Hullo Connie, congratulations on your 47 years of marriage. I think it’s one of the things about the wedding dress that its wearer feels like a princess.
      I’m very happy to make a review copy of Bella’s Betrothal available to you and will e-mail you about that. Anne


  4. Congratulations, Anne. I love the dresses – fabulous.
    My wedding dress was cream, mid-calf length with a handkerchief point hem. I always meant to dye it a bright colour afterwards but never got round to it. I don’t know if I would even be able to fasten it now!


    • Mary, you’re so slim, I’d be surprised to learn you couldn’t fasten it. Handkerchief point hems are very attractive. I had an evening dress, ballet length, like that. Thanks for dropping in, Anne


  5. The Ellen Terry Museum is fascinating isn’t it Anne.
    My father made my wedding dress. He always made all the dresses, etc for my mother and myself. The dress was of white tree-bark satin with a lace overlay of the top and sleeves. I still have it but I’m afraid there is no way I could model it today!
    Patsy’s dress sounds fascinating. Very individual.


    • Hi Ann, yes, I really enjoyed my visit there although her life was so sad in lots of ways. Lucky you having a personal dress-maker. Mine was shop bought, but my friend, Ruth, made my going away dress which I did wear a lot thereafter. Anne


  6. I wore a suit, it was grey and the jacket had a pointy collar, a belt, and the skirt back had a slight slit. The blouse I wore with it had a frilled neckline, and to finish it off I wore a white hat, which my future husband fitted and attached, white veiling to (which ended at my mouth) – he refixed the ribbon round the hat to hide where the ribbon was sewn on. And to complete the special-ness of my outfit, I had a necklace gifted to me by one of my brother’s who lived abroad and couldn’t be at my wedding.


    • Hi Cathie, Nice to see you here. Your suit sounds delightful and how nice to have your brother’s gift with you through the day. I wore grey to my nephew’s wedding recently. It’s a great colour, such a good foil for everything. Anne


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