Welcome New Followers

Greek Lady, Sicilian Temple

Greek Lady, Sicilian Temple

Welcome, Glynis, Gwen, Clover, Cristian, Christine, Elizabeth and Opinionated Man (there may be a more attractive moniker?). You are all recent followers of this blog.
I’ve posted the picture above which is used as the background image behind my Gothic header. She’s rather lovely in real life and stands forever on a hillside in Sicily. It was quite difficult to get her and her alone as there were a lot of visitors around. So I’m posting her to say, Yes, I have more than one follower, but separately you are each very important to me.

I’ve just come home from a tour of local charity shops with a pile of second hand books. (I do also buy new books and e-books. Read a rather racy Catelyn Cash on my kindle last night and may review it on Goodreads later.) The helper in one was kind enough to accept a flyer for Mariah’s Marriage. She said she doesn’t read because it wasn’t encouraged at her school. Activities were more prized/praised. Difficult, I think, because I know I would have done more in life if I hadn’t been a reader. On the other hand, it does broaden the mind in a way no amount of houswork could have done.

Anyone else noticed how the charity shops have spruced up? Chest, Heart and Stroke have colour co-ordinated their window display. Visualise have moved everything, á la supermarkets, around. They all have lots of customers, too. Could be a sign of the times, or perhaps simply of our ingrained love of a bargain. I now come home and think again. If I’m still interested tomorrow, I may go back for the item.


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