Maytime Blog Tour: MARIAH’S MARRIAGE

MARIAH’S MARRIAGE launched on 3rd May and has already collected TWO five star reviews on Amazon. Accolade for Mariah's Marriage at RNA summer party??????????????????????I’m touring blogs through May and into June telling the world of readers and writers all about her. How did she come about? What matters to her? Why did I want her to be a teacher – as if I had a choice. Here’s the timetable. I hope you’ll be able to drop by and leave a comment for me, Mariah or our hosts.

20th – that’s today – I’m with RNA associate, Lin Treadgold.

21st – that’s tomorrow – I’m sharing a Dear Reader letter on my publisher’s blog. MuseItUp are here:

23rd – that’s a Thursday – I’m talking about dancing and its effect on young hearts at Rosemary Gemmell’s Reading and Writing blog. that’s here:

31st – that’s Friday of next week – I’m guesting with Cheryl and answering a few of her perceptive questions. Link to follow.


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