Hi and Welcome to Novels Now.

Novels Now is my new blog. It’s dedicated to the novel. Write them – read them – enjoy them – dissect them. It’ll be great to hear from you too.

I’ve been moving into the writing of novels through the New Members’ Scheme of the Romantic Novelists’ Association over the last five or so years. That’s not as long from joining to publication as it is for everyone in the scheme and not as short as for some. We’re all different.

My first novel, MARIAH’S MARRIAGEis coming soon, May 2013, from MuseItUp of Canada. It’s a romance set in the early 19th century when skirts were long, bonnets de rigeur and the horse ruled the road.

Hitch your skirts, tie your bonnet strings and jump into my gig. We’re off.


4 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. I’m making 2013 my YEAR, to do a lot of things – another grandbaby here soon, Israel definitely in my future and I’m making my writing a huge priority.


      • Well, son and DIL with two grandchildren are going to be in Israel for three years, come August, hence my trips to Israel. I think it will make the writing easier. 🙂


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